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I see a Nigeria in which, as it used to be in those days, one needs not fear the terror of armed robbers or assassins. The dream I have of Nigeria is a country in which people from all over the world come to receive treatments from our hospitals and other health centres.

The basic philosophy of our Nigerian-ness after more than 5 decades has become lost amidst the rubble of crippling poverty, increasing inequality between the haves and the have-nots, the dearth and near collapse of infrastructure, alarming level of insecurity, intensification of ethnic, regional and religious cleavages and animosity amongst citizens, infamous bad leadership and scandalous corruption.

Thus, before we look into the future, it will be pertinent for us to lay bare the present situation of the country. In justice, every Nigerian should be given what rightfully belongs to him or her in brotherly love. Murtala Mohammed and a group of officers staged a bloodless coup.

The malady of unemployment should also be addressed so as to encourage education. We now solely depend on it as revenue. A leadership which lacks nationalism and patriotism similarly inspires a followership that has little nationalistic pride and devotion. Religion is meant to take care of the spiritual needs of the people.

In the little over five decades of its existence, the nation has passed through a bloody civil war, a painful military era, and religious disturbances but it while scathed has remained strong.

As Nigeria marks 51 years since independence, we need to embark on a sober reflection of what Nigeria means to each of us, and what role we have played and are playing in the state of Nigeria today. It is no news that no one is safe in Nigeria.

An Essay on Nigeria at 50

In the Republic of Cameroun, our compatriots own virtually all motor spare part shops. A time must come when a nation ought to critically examine its history. Lastly, we shall make a few projections into the future of Nigeria which is not unattainable but rather what the ideal Nigeria should be.

Any government that must transform the lives of Nigerians has to begin by solving the problem of power supply; otherwise it will only be flogging a dead horse.

Nigeria - a Stable Nation

Early warning systems became popular after the terrorist attack of September 11, There seems to be little or no religious tolerance in some parts of the country. In Novemberthe latter fell ill and was flown out of the country to Saudi Arabia for medical attentions.

As former US Ambassador to Nigeria John Campbell rightly notes, the nationalist leaders, their differences notwithstanding recognized the need for unity under the common banner of a democratic Nigerian state due to shared ideals for the pursuit of economic development, governance according to the rule of law and to serve as a beacon for other African countries on the global stage.

On December 31,the military overthrew the Second Republic. Our transportation system is nothing to write home about.

Inthe country was divided into Northern, Eastern and Western regions, each with its own House of Assembly. The fact that lives and properties were lost is pathetic enough to be pondered upon.

That is not a surprise.Read Nigeria - a Stable Nation free essay and over 88, other research documents.

Nigeria - a Stable Nation

Nigeria - a Stable Nation. NIGERIA a stable nation As most governments do struggle when changing over into a new form of government, with hope. What Nigeria Means To Me: the delicious essay which clinched the first prize in the National Orientation Agency (NOA) Essay Competition.

Enjoy. Nigeria is my dear nation and means a lot to me. What Nigeria means to me may not be the same to another citizen. Nigeria my dear nation means the following to me. Educational System in Nigeria Essay.

The educational System of Nigeria OVERVIEW Education in Nigeria is the shared responsibility of the federal, state and local governments.

An Essay on Nigeria at 50

The Federal Ministry of Education plays a dominant role in regulating the education sector, engaging in policy formation and ensuring quality control. Challenges Of Foreign Banks In Nigeria Essay - Firstly, since independence inthe Nigerian political system has been volatile, there have been 7 military coups, and this has made the investment climate unattractive because the nation appears insecure for the foreign investor.

the integrity and legitimacy of the Nigerian “nation” continues to be tested. Nigeria has attempted to address the fragmentation of national authority by developing a federal system of government that divides power between national, state, and local levels.

What Nigeria Means To Me | 1st Prize Winning Essay, 2013 NOA Essay Contest

The goal has been to develop a political system that accommodates diversity. The Stable Nation of Nigeria Essay Words | 14 Pages The Stable Nation of Nigeria As most governments do struggle when changing over into a new form of government, with hope to better its people, Nigeria is no exception.

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