The reasons why the patriots won the revolutionary war

Why did the revolutionary Americans win the war? Answer 4 Despite the handicaps the Americans faced, there were severalfactors working in their favor.

Patriots used many techniques to rally popular support. Not everyone who lived in the American colonies wanted to break away from the British. Lack of Loyalist Support This was a problem for the British throughout the war, but was the most evident in the Southern theatre.

The main reason that drove America towards freedom was the need to establish their government. Why the Americans won the Revolutionary War It would be fair to say that America did not so much win the war as allow Britain to lose it.

Revolutionary War There were several reasons that enabled the Americans to win the Revolutionary War. The US set up their first Army during the Revolutionary War and it was set up and trained by British troops who had turned on their own country.

Ultimately, the Americans prevailed due to their spirit and the fact that they were fighting for something they believed in.

Facing an expensive conflict on a distant continent, the British wanted a short war that would not be yet another drain on national finances; however the tactics employed by Washington and other generals failed to create a situation where a decisive victory could be achieved by either side.

In the Americans secured an alliance with the two countries. The Revolutionary War split the people of the American colonies into two groups: Marion's Brigade were a group of Patriots who used the Guerrilla Warfare strategy to fight against the British.

The arrival of French forces in was also coupled with deteriorating British morale and, back in London, a declining interest in prolonging the war. This cost too many troops and led to the Britishhiring foreign mercenaries.

Throughout the rest of the country, the Americans were able to secure their territories and drive out the British.

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What few victories they could muster were limited to coastal areas. In the Naval War, the Patriots, rather than attacking the main forces of the British ships, attacked the supply ships and bases in the Bahamas.

Reasons behind the Revolutionary War

That caused the British navy to suffer greatly and delay their attacks. In spite of defeat after defeat, in spite of no pay, rampant disease and inadequate supplies, they kept at it.

The advantage tothe Americans was that they only had to hold out to win. It lasted nearly for eight years and finally ended in One big reason is that the warwas unpopular in Britain.George Washington called the American victory in the Revolutionary war “little short of a standing miracle.” Inan overwhelming British army had defeated his poorly trained force, driven them out of New York City, and chased them across New Jersey.

Colonial America won the Revolutionary War and that is why we have a country called the United States of America today.

The Revolutionary War is also known as the American Revolution and the American War of Independence. They are celebrated as the original American patriots—the reluctant citizen-soldiers who won the Revolutionary War. When some British regulars were ordered into.

There were a lot of reasons why and how the Patriots won the Revolutionary War. These factors helped them overcome the odds and gain their independence. Inspired Leadership. When war broke out the Patriots were outnumbered.

The British had superior firearms, and some colonists didn’t want to fight. They wanted to remain a part of the Empire.

Why Did the Patriots Win the Revolutionary War?

It was from this wider war that the American patriots to emerge victorious they persevered. Americans won their independence because they continued to fight. Again and again during the war, they reached points when they could have thrown in the towel.

At times, the Continental Army seemed only weeks or days from disbanding.

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The French involvement in the Revolutionary War was a significant factor in the American victory. This was not just because of the French infantry and artillery (although that was important enough) but also due to the tactical advantage offered by the French navy.

The reasons why the patriots won the revolutionary war
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