Shakira is my role model

When you are asked this question in an interview, the person wants you to think about people who have influenced your life. This, produced entirely by Shakira herself and Emilio Estefan, Jr.

I believe that Selena Gomez is someone teens look up to as a role model. Although it was one of the year's most popular albums certified triple platinum by the end of the year[30] he was accused of imitating the style and subject matter of underground rapper Cage. I went through some personal things.

He is the cousin of jazz musician Frank Holder.

Shakira: A Woman of Many Talents

Towards the end of the s, Lynott also embarked upon a solo career, published two books of poetry, and after Thin Lizzy disbanded, he assembled and fronted the band Grand Slam, of which he was the leader until it folded in He won the Independent Spirit Award for his big-screen debut performance in the film Antwone Fisher, directed and produced by Denzel Washington.

On his arrival into the island he worked as a welder and coffee picker while recording in his spare time for various producers. Rodney was sharply critical of the middle class for its role in the post-independence Caribbean.

One bully, De'Angelo Bailey, severely injured Eminem's head mentioned in his song "Brain Damage" ; Debbie filed a lawsuit against the school inwhich was dismissed the following year because the Macomb County Mich.

She is best known with her international hit singles The book became enormously influential as well as controversial. The name Shakira male Shakir means "grateful" in Arabic. In November, she embarked on the Tour of the Mongoose with 61 shows occurring by May These poems eventually evolved into songs.

7 Celebrity Role Models of 2015 You Can Feel Good About

Denying that he was retiring, he suggested he would take a break as an artist: He was elected again inbeating Mitt Romney. In acknowledgment of his many achievements, John has been recognized by the Office of President, Borough of Brooklyn, City of New York, and is the recipient of numerous awards from many organizations, including: If you want your kids to wish death on good people.

I find that I do not always have to look outside myself for motivation and positivity. But he never gave up. Four other singles were also released from the album.

Shakira: A Woman of Many Talents

Drefounder of Aftermath Entertainment and founding member of hip-hop group N. Chester later worked mostly in television, most notably appearing in Malcolm in the Middle and The West Wing.

Contrary to low expectations,[ citation needed ] the album was extremely well received. She deserves to be number 1. The Hits was released December 6, by Aftermath Entertainment. He was also a naval aviator, test pilot, and university professor. So what if she is cute? The album, inspired by an incident in an airport in which a suitcase filled with her written lyrics was stolen, became a bigger hit than Pies Descalzos.

Lots of caring parents who love their children take them to see Jackie Evancho. She rose to fame in after winning the inaugural season of the television series American Idol, which earned her a record deal with RCA Records. Yes, because dressing up almost completely naked is great for the younger generation.

Terry Fox is a role model, because he wanted to raise money forcancer research by starting the marathon of hope.

Luke played one of the four male leads in Spike Lee's war film Miracle at St. He should definitely be up in this list Kojo means born on a Monday.In my honest opinion Beyonce is not my role model what so ever.

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I do applaud her talent, but seriously, me being a teenager and in college, i just don't agree with. My Role Model Essay Examples.

17 total results. The Contributions of My Grandma to Her Community. words. 2 pages. Why I Would Like to Have Lunch With Maya Angelou. words. A Personal Role Model of Shakira. words. 2 pages.


An Analysis of Ryan Phamtastic as My Role Model. 1, words. 3 pages. The Story of the Virtuous Person in My. Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll (/ ʃ ə ˈ k ɪər ə /, Spanish: ; born 2 February ), better known professionally as Shakira, is a Colombian singer, songwriter, dancer, businesswoman, and and raised in Barranquilla, she began performing in school, demonstrating Latin American, Arabic, and rock and roll influences and belly dancing abilities.

Shakira: I think this generation can play a very important role. If we act now, this could be the first generation to witness universal education. I’ve seen the difference quality education can make in a child’s life through my work with the Barefoot Foundation. 10 Reasons Why Beyoncé is a Great Role Model By Jillian Holness • May 11, at am Beyoncé’s brand of empowerment for women isn’t perfect, but members of the Beyhive know she’s a good role model for young girls.

Role Model Paper on My Mother Words | 5 Pages. Role Model Paper on My Mother A role model is someone who you can relate with.

It is someone who will be hopefully you learn from and in turn they learn from you. My role model is my mother. She had to go through a summer of hell and this is what happened to her and what I learned to.

Shakira is my role model
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