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We focus on two important properties of such algorithms. The successful demonstration of obstacle avoidance in the field validates our fast online approach. Preliminary experiments indicate that the algorithm works well on synthetic and image data, with the recovery quality often outperforming that of Radu berinde thesis complex algorithms, such as l1 minimization.

Error ave is the average relative error across the video Table 1. We then analyze layout and arrangements for any necessary changes such as additional tankage or pumping capacity.

This paper considers the classical error correcting problem which is frequently discussed in coding theory. The choice of future shipboard power system and the associated zonal electrical distribution system ZEDS will have a fundamental impact on the literal shape and configuration of future naval architectures.

This paper presents a specific rowaction method and provides extensive empirical evidence that it is an effective technique for signal reconstruction. Radu Berinde — ACM author profile pagewww.

As compared to 3 which reconstructs an image of 64x64 size with much larger time consumption which is Radu berinde thesis sensitive to the kind of sensing matrix selected, this paper reconstructs a large frame of size x in 0.

This new computational framework is applied to a model of the DDG- 51 destroyer that involves a 19 MW phase induction machine and an indirect field oriented controller.

We show that they can be used with the popular geometric " 1 minimization" recovery procedure. Here, A is an m by n coding matrix and e is an arbitrary and unknown vector of errors.

Toward the Development of an Integrated Electric Ship Evaluation Tool View Document View Abstract With the advent of energy-intensive weapons and sensor systems visualized for future United States Navy surface combatants, the design of Navy ships is turning to the all-electric ship as a potential solution that enables power sharing between propulsion and other loads.

PSNR is the peak signal block to noise ratio of the block. Analysis of Fault Events in MVDC Architecture View Document View Abstract Effective interruption of load currents under both normal and fault conditions presents major challenges in medium-voltage dc distribution systems.

This work is related to the problem of finding sparse solutions to vastly underdetermined systems of linear equations. This improves the previously best known space bound of about O k log n for streams without element deletions where n is the size of the domain from which stream elements are drawn.

The 8x8 block based reconstruction analysis done in this paper, can be extended to 16x16, 32x32 and 64x64 block based frame reconstruction by selecting sparsity and measurements 4, 16 and 64 times that used for 8x8 block, maintaining the same image reconstruction quality.

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Join Facebook to connect with Radu Berinde and others you may know. First, we perform sensitivity analysis treating all 31 parameters of the full model as stochastic variables. Regularized Orthogonal Matching Pursuit table I.

We have identified several technologies that, when used in conjunction, have the potential to significantly improve the efficiency of the propulsion system while simultaneously significantly reducing the associated weight and volume. With best regards Florent, Marc, Francois, Yifan, and Lenka The reason I messed up reading the variables is because I was probably not expecting something that stunning.

The codes were tested for Dataset This IPS is composed of a 21MW, 3-phase synchronous generator supplying electric power to V AC bus and to a 19 MW, phase induction motor driven by an indirect rotor field oriented control for the motor torque.

We consider two types of sketches: Percentage saving per frame: In fact, the results introduced in this paper improve on our earlier work [5]. Discovering the future — idiomasbyg.

Current state-of-the-art propellers are rated for approximately rpm; this relatively slow speed in a direct-drive configuration requires extremely large motors.

A single measurement matrix should work simultaneously for all signals. The numerical model is based on the vortex lattice lifting line methods utilized by the US Navy as well as commercial designers.

How to cite this paper: Examples of designs are presented including validation comparisons and examples of actual parts fabricated from the code using 3D printing technology. Radu berinde thesis — minisef.

Hence, the authors suggest the exploitation of existing experience on pulsed load standardizing, taking into account the resemblance between the systems. Algorithm Reconstruction Time Let T be time in sec taken by the algorithm to Where f is the number of frames corresponding to R reconstruct the entire video then, a particular video and P is the sum of the peak signal-to-noise ratio for each block in the frame.

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The OMP algorithm is much faster and much easier to implement, which makes it an attractive alternative to BP for signal recovery problems. Such total ship analysis is valuable as designers go on to answer such questions as the proper distribution system for a particular application, or to analyze the impact of specific technology advances.

We present results for an illustrative example and for a model of an integrated power. Image, Graphics and Signal Processing,10, Sep 01,  · Radu Berinde's M. Eng thesis can be found here The slides for "Testing the Nullspace Property using Semidefinite Programming" by Alexandre d'Aspremont, Francis Bach, Laurent El Ghaoui are here.

Sep 01,  · Radu Berinde's M. Eng thesis can be found here The slides for "Testing the Nullspace Property using Semidefinite Programming" by Alexandre d'Aspremont, Francis Bach, Laurent El Ghaoui are here. Radu Berinde and Piotr Indyk, Sparse recovery using sparse random matrices. (Preprint, ) P. Wojtaszczyk, Stability and instance optimality for Gaussian measurements in compressed sensing.

(PhD thesis, University of Vienna, ) Daito Akimura, Yoshihiro Kawahara. Advances in Sparse Signal Recovery Methods by Radu Berinde Submitted to the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of thesis: Graham Cormode, Anna Gilbert, Piotr Indyk, Howard Karloff, and Martin Strauss.

by Radu Berinde, Piotr Indyk, Graham Cormode, Martin J. Strauss, The problem of finding heavy hitters and approximating the frequencies of items is at the heart of many problems in data stream analysis.

[AaronsonW] Scott Aaronson and Avi Wigderson. Algebrization: A New Barrier in Complexity Theory. ACM Transactions on Computation Theory, 1(1),

Radu berinde thesis
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