Mother teresa as a leader

She was a friend of poverty. Government agencies can--and should--do these things. They clean them, feed them, pray with them, and serve them so that they spend their last days or hours in dignity.

She was also a great listener and focused a great deal on helping others grow. Thousands of people were inspired by her servant leader behaviors followed her footprint to contribute their life to the charity. She was a selfless servant leader who dedicated her whole life to making others lives better.

Teresa was criticised for implicitly supporting the Duvaliers and corrupt businessmen such as Charles Keating and Robert Maxwell ; she wrote to the judge of Keating's trial, requesting clemency. The cause was right, even if the source of the money was tainted. Tens of thousands of people witnessed the ceremony, including 15 government delegations and 1, homeless people from across Italy.

Mother Teresa was a charity worker in India and also a nun. According to Archbishop of Calcutta Mother teresa as a leader Sebastian D'Souzahe ordered a priest to perform an exorcism with her permission when she was first hospitalised with cardiac problems because he thought she might be under attack by the devil.

She treated them as she would treat Our Blessed Lord, Himself. Of course, she loved children. And when did we see thee a stranger and take thee in or naked and clothe thee? At the systemic level, an agency can create incentives for learning to lead and it can provide the appropriate training and support.

Mother Teresa had always insisted that her followers live in the same poverty as the people they served. She inspired others to do good. She served God by serving Him in them - which is nothing more nor less than she lived the Gospel with every breath in her body. But to get a real sense of the joys and travails of Mother Teresa as CEO, I recommend her private writings, which show how lonely it was at the top.

Individual supervisors must make the commitment required to learn to lead effectively. I have removed that hunger.

A True Servant Leader: Mother Teresa

Do they approach their work with a laser-like focus on their agency's mission? In contrast, when we get disappointing results, it is often because first-line supervisors have failed to help their people feel connected to the mission or to get them the tools and training they need to get the job done.

Her personal example still serves as the model for the Missionaries of Charity. She was caring, understanding and determined to help as many people as she could.

One Person at a Time

Mother Teresa showed compassion for those who were less fortunate than she was. Skills Mother Teresa would implement her plans to help the people of India. Transformational leadership Mother Teresa motivated her followers to achieve the vision and mission of her association which is helping people who need helps.

Mother Teresa was completely focused on helping one person at a time. The prize is the reorganization of the poor world…By serving the poor I am serving Him. The priest resumed active ministry, as well as his predatoryhabits.

She cared for the poorest of the poor. Following a second attack inshe received an artificial pacemaker. She learned the ways of medicine and made sure she had supplies along with food and shelter to house the sick and poor.

She had malaria and TB not quite shore about TB and died of a heart attack and a stroke simultaneously. Mother Theresa and her sisters went out into the streets and picked up the dying homeless to bring them to her hospice.

According to Timecalls to Sister Betta and the office of Sister Nirmala Teresa's successor as head of the order elicited no comment. After studying at the convent for less than a year, she left to join the Loreto convent in the city of Darjeeling in northeast India.

Teresa of Calcutta because they do not understand real Christianity. By citizenship, an Indian. She and her Order treat those dying of AIDS, the lepers, the untouchables, those whom nobody else will love and care for.

Eight additional complaints were lodged against him in thecoming years by various families, leading to his eventual arrest onsex-abuse charges in Hi Yan, I too view Mother Teresa as a prime example of the servant leadership theory.

Her life followed all ten characteristics of a servant leader: listening, empathy, healing, awareness, persuasion, conceptualization, foresight, stewardship, commitment to growth of people, and building community (PSU WC, P3).

Leadership analysis of Mother Teresa Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. A Transformational and Servant Leader: Mother Teresa of Calcutta Words Mar 9th, 15 Pages “Today, perhaps no figure has come to symbolize undiluted goodness, piety, and compassion more than the small, elderly Albanian nun Agnes Bojaxhiu—known to millions as Mother Teresa.

Sep 30,  · Mother Teresa style of leadership was diffrent from other nuns.

Mother Teresa

She managed all the money and main things. Answer: She was definetly different from other nuns. She used the money given for charity. Leadership Style Mother Teresa was a situational leader. She helped people according to their situation, for example if they were starving she would provide food for them, if they had no place to stay she would provide a home for them to say at, if they were ill she took her time to.

Mother Teresa was an Albanian Roman Catholic, and was a famous humanitarian who started the Missionary of Charities. For most of her life, she spent it ministering to the poor, sick and needy people all over the world.

Mother teresa as a leader
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