Landfill situation in hong kong essay

During a visit to Europe with cross-party legislators early this year, local authorities, professional bodies and community organisations there were surprised to hear Hong Kong has no incinerator to treat municipal solid waste. How is the situation affecting people?

One of the newest incinerators, in Copenhagen, is about 1.

Incineration and landfill extensions are essential to tackle Hong Kong's waste crisis

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Waste management in Hong Kong

Another major, critical waste reduction measure is municipal solid waste charging. Get Access Landfill situation in Hong Kong Essay Sample Landfill is a main way of waste management in Hong Kong, but it may not be a sustainable way to solve or relieve the garbage problem.

Moreover, landfill also will eventually saturate. Black plastic bag from the ground and connected to the surrounding, and finally capped.

There were biogas in the garbage, it will explode at any time. In order to solve the problem of being late, kindergarten will charge those parents who are being late as a penalty.

In fact, a lot of waste is dumped without being classified, recovered and recycled. And the task is made easier by issuing zippered heavy-duty plastic bags prominently labelled for glass, paper, plastic and metal.

In fact, an annual average of more than one million tons of wastes are produced in Hong Kong.

Landfill situation in Hong Kong Essay Sample

Despite the discouraging response, Jang, a career coach and environmental consultant in her 40s, continues to separate her rubbish. HK Recycles runs workshops and seminars for clients on how to separate their waste before collecting recyclable materials from them.

The landfill of the target lifetime, where possible, it should be ten years or more Michael Pugh, p If Hong Kong people rather think the money charged by the scheme is a kind of service fee on refusing disposal than a penalty; Domestic Waste Charging Scheme will be effective.

All these issues above limit the chance of the local tourism industry to explore tours on marine life. But even as policymakers have taken to warning in recent years how Hong Kong landfills are rapidly running out of space, the city is recycling increasingly less of its rubbish: As they fall into place, there will be less dependence on landfilling.

Retrieved from South China Morning Post: The accumulated concentrations in the vicinity of the integrated waste management facility can comply with our air-quality objectives.

Because Hong Kong has few of the factories and farms that could utilise waste plastic and compost from food wastemost of its recycled material is exported, says Wong of the department.

The money has constantly spilled in the dirty garbage mountain. If residents need to stop the unpleasant smell from entering into the house, they may need to close all the windows and switch on air conditioning round the clock. It is usually caused by motor vehicles, power plants and other industries that produce smoke but for Hong Kong Disneyland it is the cause of the daily fireworks.

Fees are charged to cover the cost of moving the recyclable materials to companies that do the processing. The one in Macau is near high-density residential estates and tourist hubs. This was not planned. We have also made a major push to reduce food waste, which takes up nearly 40 per cent of our total municipal solid waste in landfills.

After this process, it will cover the soil, planting trees and raising grass. There was also a failure to discover the 30, cubic meters of dioxin in the soil when trying to construct the man made lake for Disney. Practice Domestic Waste Charging Scheme or increase the level of environmental consciousness?

There are some loopholes on the three domestic waste charging methods at the present stage.

Straight to landfill? Why Hong Kong is recycling less of your rubbish

When reclaiming the land to build Disney, the shipyard at Pennys Bay had to be dismantled and over 87, cubic meters of soil had to be removed as well as cutting 42, cubic meters of soil and rock for slope stabilization. The daily amount of waste disposed to landfills was twelve thousands five hundred tons in But when the government expand a landfill, it means that the local citizens need to endure the refuse collection vehicles and unpleasant smell.

More essays like this: Later on, Disneyland opened in three more countries, which includes Florida, Japan and Europe. Visitors were offered exciting roller coaster rides, meeting their favorite Disney character, parades and shows. Furthermore, there is nearly no rubbish bin on the street in South Korea and Tai Wan.

So the inducement of reducing waste disposal is small. As is the case in other cities, recyclables are recovered mainly from other facilities - not roadside ones. Some legislators have asked about emissions from incineration, including particulate matter - tiny airborne particles.with Hong Kong's "New" Landfills.

G. Fred Lee, Ph.D, P.E., D.E.E. The situation today has not changed and, in fact, there is no doubt that the HDPE plastic Environment Hong Kong article, this landfill design will not result in a total containment of leachate for as long as the wastes.

Hong Kong Landfill Problem Words | 6 Pages. Turn landfill problem into history With the wasteful lifestyle of Hong Kong citizens, the 4 major landfills in Hong Kong are going to be saturated. From the government’s words, these landfills will be fully saturated before late s.

Hazardous waste handling 5. Solid waste management in UAE and worldwide 6. Conclusion (effective waste management impacts) Solid waste management Introduction: Waste is a product of life, specifically human life in the modern times as it has proven to apply the greatest impact on earth among all other life-forms.

recycling, bins, landfill, expansion, incinerators - Solutions to the Imminent Land Pollution Problems in Hong Kong increasing the number of recycling bins may be the best method to release the serious situation of land pollution in Hong Kong. Case Study Analysis Disneyland Hong Kong] Free Essays words ( pages).

Jul 08,  · Argumentative Essay:“Should domestic waste be charged in Hong Kong?” Should not be a Y/N questionChan Sheung Wai () Hong Kong is not ready to practice Domestic Waste Charging Scheme ALONE at the present stage. It is not implying that Domestic Waste Charging Scheme is.

Landfill is a main way of waste management in Hong Kong, but it may not be a sustainable way to solve or relieve the garbage problem. Moreover, landfill also .

Landfill situation in hong kong essay
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