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At the reorganization in he was elected first lieutenant, and in the spring of he was detailed by General Wickham as provost. His next fighting was near Pocahontas Court House, W.

In addition, Robert reversed his swing path from outside-in fade to inside-out draw while lowering his launch angle — in his case, a very good thing.

Ray Romano

I didn't have to plan for corrections. He is an active member of the United Confederate Hank haney project, and holds the rank of chief of artillery on the staff of Gen. Two months later he returned to Charleston, W.

Returning in the early summer ofhe passed through Lexington, Va. I will definitely recommend it to anybody who might be on the fence. For five years he was janitor of the State house at Charleston, and for six years was superintendent of the Charleston street railroad which he had built as contractor.

Samuel Price, of Virginia.

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In the cavalry fight which followed from Hagerstown to Williamsport he was wounded by a fragment of shell and disabled two months.

He was a delegate from Kentucky to the Baltimore Democratic convention which nominated Polk and Dallas, and from Ohio to the Cincinnati convention in which nominated Buchanan and Breckinridge.

After receiving an academic education at Petersburg, Va. From to he served with distinction in the State senate, the greater part of the time as chairman of the judiciary committee, also as chairman of the commission for the revision of the West Virginia statutes.

During the quarter century and more which has since elapsed he has gained a high rank among the professional men of West Virginia, and the warm regard of his fellow citizens.

John Stuart, who commanded a company at the Indian battle of Point Pleasant, October 10,in which his brother-in-law, Charles Lewis, was killed.

Romano was the subject of the documentary film 95 Miles to Go. He then made his home at Lewisburg and was married there in June,to Mary C. In July,he was married at Hinton, to Priscilla F. With this command Mr. After the battle of Chancellorsville he was appointed captain and assistant quartermaster, to succeed Capt.

He was wounded many times, seriously at Cedar mountain in the shoulder and leg, and again very severely at the Wilderness battle, when a ball penetrated his head over the right eye, and passing through cracked the skull at the back.

As a prisoner of war he was held at Fort Delaware from the latter part of March until August,then being exchanged at Aiken's landing. Colston, colonel of the Second regiment, was killed. He was promoted corporal in the winter oforderly-sergeant in the summer ofand sergeant-major on the battlefield of New Market.Current and former baseball player nicknames.

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The Haney Project Ray Romano

BIOGRAPHIES OF WEST VIRGINIA CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS. From Confederate Military History, edited by Gen. Clement A.

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Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. Biography. For the past 30 years, Steve has been teaching side by side with Hank Haney while coaching players at all levels.

Steve is Hank’s “go to” teacher, where for years; he has worked with many of Hank’s most prominent students.

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Hank haney project
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