A review of the persian wars

I would try to shorten them considerably, and perhaps add years in parentheses to them in order to aid the reader in finding periods in the narrative. Furthermore, to prevent the Persians bypassing Thermopylae by sea, the allied navy could block the straits of Artemisium.

Athens, along with Megara and Plataea, sent emissaries to Sparta demanding assistance, and threatening to accept the Persian terms if not. Soon afterward, the Persian navy retreated to Asia. This book fits into that realm, looking at the causes of Persian and Greek conflict in the desire of Greek cities on the Ionian coast to be free from Persian-supported client rulers, to have a degree of autonomy with local democracies, actions which were supported by Athens and that led to uprisings against Persian rule and the attack of mighty Persian armies in both and BC to put down the Greek cities, espeically Athens and Sparta.

When Mardonius heard that the Allied army was on the march, he retreated into Boeotia, near Plataea, trying to draw the Allies into open terrain where he could use his cavalry.

Most historians today in the West but not all, see article believe Xerxes begun withat the most.

The Persian Wars

But they are important, and the supplementary sources on the topic especially the later authors Plutarch, Pausanias, and Diodorus Siculus uncover no evidence that Herodotus exaggerated general Greek notions about the role of the gods in the Persian Wars or the number and prominence of cultic acts connected with these events.

This uprising, known as the Ionian revolt — bcefailed, but its consequences for the mainland Greeks were momentous.

Second Persian invasion of Greece

Oxford University Press, Plataea and Mycale[ edit ] Main articles: While the battle raged at Thermopylae, the Persian fleet attacked the Greek navy, with both sides losing many ships.

It also highlighted the superiority of the more heavily armoured Greek hoplites, and showed their potential when used wisely.

After their victory over the Persians, the Greeks did not forget to thank the gods with cults, dedications, and tithes of spoils, for their efforts in helping them to fight the invaders off.

When Mardonius heard that the Allied army was on the march, he retreated into Boeotia, near Plataea, trying to draw the Allies into open terrain where he could use his cavalry.

In the final reckoning, both sides were prepared to stake everything on a naval battle, in the hope of decisively altering the course of the war.

Despite their many differences, the chapters and their authors are all united in the goal of studying the continuous evolution of the reception of the Persian Wars, thus excellently fulfilling the aim of the project out of which they have grown.

More citations are definitely needed. Sources disagree on Athenian numbers. Either Herodotus' is true or it is a reference to the Iliad so it could not be more than ships.

Different-sized allied forces thus appeared throughout the campaign. Nevertheless, this was remarkable for the disjointed Greek world, especially since many of the city-states in attendance were still technically at war with each other.

It shows at least in the Persian invasion of Greece part arguments on the size of Xerxes' army on why it was large or small.

Second Persian invasion of Greece

They demanded an Allied army march north the following year. In the second section, "Ancient Variations", there are four chapters on the Persian Wars in antiquity, ranging chronologically from Plato to Plutarch. Antiquity to the Third Millennium. Among modern scholars some have accepted this number, although suggesting that the number must have been lower by the Battle of Salamis.

I don't know what the concensus is, but I prefer to make all references as footnotes see British anti-invasion preparations of World War II for an example. In a second step, a Greek army sets out from the mainland, sacks an imperial city Troyand offends the local deity, Athena, in the process.

The Persian navy was defeated at Mycale, on the Asiatic coast, when it declined to engage the Greek fleet. However, on the second night a Greek traitor guided the best Persian troops around the pass behind the Greek army. The veracity of this anecdote is therefore unclear.

I will try to add templates referring to the battles. In the end the numbers debated boils down to how reliable ancient sources are and how dogmatic each historian is. Nevertheless, this was remarkable for the disjointed Greek world, especially since many of the city-states present were still technically at war with one another.

On this last point Mikalson agrees with Harrison, as he also does when he maintains that scholars have frequently underestimated the importance of religion in Herodotus' history. This book does not spend much time on the last two theaters, but it is clear that the Greeks were canny in seeking to divide Persian attention in multiple theaters to ensure their own relative security.

Owing to a religious festival, the Spartans were detained, and the 10, Athenians had to face the Persians aided only by 1, men from Plataea.In this Persian Wars worksheet, students read and complete a variety of activities including labeling a map (included), reading primary sources, and answering comprehension questions.

Get Free Access See Review. Herodotus and Religion in the Persian Wars by Jon D. Mikalson Review by: Rosaria Vignolo Munson The American Journal of Philology, Vol.No. 3 (Autumn, ), pp.

This book provides a good succinct overview of the Greco-Persian wars. It starts off, as most of Osprey series of books do, with a brief historical overview providing perspective into the context of the war. Have elementary students examine the Persian Wars and read various Greek myth in order to identify the cause and the results of the Persian Wars.

Myths, activities, simulations, and a unit plan are links. Being a history fan, I decided that I need to learn more about the Greco-Persian Wars. This book was my first serious encounter with this part of history.

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It was not an "easy" read, but it is a fascinating story that is explained in extraordinary detail for such a small book.

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A review of the persian wars
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