A biography of baldwin of boulogne count of edessa and king of jerusalem

He depended heavily on the loyalty of the vassals of the great fiefs, such as Tiberias, Haifa, and Caesarea, and to a lesser extent on mercenary troops and ships from the Italian cities. As such it also became the centre for the translation of Ancient Greek philosophy into Syriacwhich provided a stepping stone for the subsequent translations into Arabic.

After rejoining the main army at Marash, he received an invitation from an Armenian named Pakrad, and moved eastwards towards the Euphrates where he occupied Tell-bashir. Later that year Baldwin had consolidated his power enough that he was able to march out with his brother Godfrey and besiege Azaz where they defeated the forces of Ridwan of Aleppo.

Zengi besieged the city incapturing it on December 24 of that year.

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He returned to the Lower Lorraine in order to take control of the county of Verdun previously held by Godfrey. He helped secure the ransom of Bohemond I of Antioch from the Danishmends inand, with Antioch, attacked the Byzantine Empire in Cilicia in Baldwin of Bourcq, Baldwin of Le Bourcq, Baudouin du Bourcq Baldwin II, byname Baldwin of Bourcq, French Baudouin du Bourcq, died AugustJerusalemcount of Edessa —18king of Jerusalem —31and Crusade leader whose support of the religious-military orders founded during his reign enabled him to expand his kingdom and to withstand Muslim attacks.

He went first south into Ciliciathen east to Edessa, where he convinced its lord, Thorosto adopt him as son and heir. Edessa was given to Joscelin in A Dynastic History His wife Godehilde or Godvera also accompanied him. Edessa itself had about 10, inhabitants. He also married Thoros' daughter, Arda of Armeniawho eventually became the first queen of Jerusalem.

Baldwin ; 2d ed. When Godfrey passed through Hungary, King Coloman demanded a hostage to ensure their good conduct, and Baldwin was handed over until his companions had left Hungarian territory.

Baldwin II

Edessa was one of the largest of the Crusader states in terms of territory but had one of the smallest populations. By his personal authority, with limited resources, and in the face of constant and powerful opposition from Cairo, Damascus, and his own associates, he established and maintained the kingdom of Jerusalem for 18 years.

Baldwin then led another army against the Egyptians at Jaffa, this time winning the battle. This was the second movement of crusaders; the first, the People's Crusade, had been composed of the lower classes as well as knights, like Walter Sansavoir, and had caused much destruction on their march, although no more than other crusading groups, before being destroyed in Asia Minor.

To the south and east were the powerful Muslim cities of Aleppo and Mosul, and the Jazira northern Iraq. To the south and east were the powerful Muslim cities of Aleppo and Mosul, and the Jazira northern Iraq.

Different sources claim he was assassinated or abdicated, but it is unknown if Baldwin had any part in this. He had little effective power until he was able to control the coastal towns, which were vital for communications and supplies. His successor in Jerusalem was his cousin, Baldwin II.

After entering Byzantine territory, there were a few skirmishes with the Greeks, who had also suffered from the People's Crusade. Baldwin I of Jerusalem Resources. On reaching Constantinople the mass of soldiers could not be controlled and went about the typical solder habit of pillaging the surrounding area.

Encyclopedia of World Biography. Thoros adopted Baldwin as his own son and successor and after he was assassinated in March Baldwin became the first Count of Edessa.

This succession was opposed by the patriarch Daimbert, who wished to maintain his ecclesiastical control of the city, and by the crusader Tancred, who was suspicious of the use to which Baldwin might put his new power.

Unlike the other Crusader states, the County was landlocked. Copyright The Gale Group, Inc. Meanwhile Baldwin defeated invasions from Egypt in, andand from to he captured territory from Egypt, gaining access to the Red Sea and building the fortress of Montreal.

In the Seljuk Turks invaded Edessa. He ruled the county untilmarrying an Armenian wife, and acting as an ambassador between the crusaders and Armenians.

The historian is obliged to see this as a political marriage which brought a dowry and possibly an heir to the kingdom, since Roger II was named as successor.

Crusader states are marked with a red cross. In another battle was fought at Ramlah and Baldwin was victorious once more.Baldwin of Boulogne, the first Count of Edessa, became King of Jerusalem, and subsequent counts were his cousins. Unlike the other Crusader states, the County was landlocked.

It was remote from the other states and was not on particularly good terms with its closest neighbor, the Principality of Antioch. Sep 29,  · Baldwin I of Jerusalem, formally Baldwin I of Edessa, born Baldwin of Boulogne, was born c in the Lower Lorraine region of France.

He was one of the leaders of the first crusade and 1 st Count of Edessa and first to be named King of Jerusalem once he gained power from his brother Godfrey of Boullion who refused the. Baldwin I: Baldwin I, king of the Crusader state of Jerusalem (–18) who expanded the kingdom and secured its territory, formulating an administrative apparatus that was to serve for years as the basis for Frankish rule in Syria and Palestine.

Son of Eustace II, count of Boulogne, and Ida d’Ardenne. Baldwin II, also known as Baldwin of Bourcq or Bourg (French: Baudouin; died 21 August ), was Count of Edessa from toand King of Jerusalem from until his death.

He accompanied his cousins, Godfrey of Bouillon, and Baldwin of Boulogne, to the Holy Land during the First Crusade. Baldwin I of Jerusalem ( April ) was the King of Jerusalem from 25 December to 2 Aprilsucceeding Godfrey de Bouillon and preceding Baldwin II of Jerusalem.

Baldwin was born in to Count Eustache II of Boulogne and Ida of Lorraine, and he was the younger brother of. biography/Baldwin-I-king-of-Jerusalem.

Baldwin II of Jerusalem : biography

named as. Baldwin I. retrieved.

Baldwin I of Jerusalem

9 October place of death. Arish. Count of Boulogne. 1 reference. stated in.

Baldwin I of Jerusalem : biography

Charles Cawley, "Medieval Lands", Baldwin I of Jerusalem. 1 reference. imported from Wikimedia project. Russian Wikipedia.

A biography of baldwin of boulogne count of edessa and king of jerusalem
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